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Making travel safe & comfortable for ALL, because

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Vacation Rental Owners

Did you know that making your property "Spectrum-Friendly" is a great way to set your Vacation Rental apart from the competition?

We have created this helpful guide to help you begin to look at your property from another perspective and help you learn about the challenges that those on the Autism Spectrum face when travelling.  Get the full guide delivered right to your Inbox!  

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Do you have?


Difficulty in finding or creating accommodations that cater to the specific needs of autistic children, such as sensory-friendly environments and easy access to support services.

Safety concerns traveling with autistic children, including difficulty in communicating with unfamiliar people and unpredictable behavior.

Difficulty in predicting and managing the emotional and physical needs of autistic children during travel.

Limited access to resources and support for families of autistic children when traveling, such as access to therapy or specialized care.

The added stress and financial burden of finding or providing appropriate accommodations and support services for autistic children when traveling.

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find a spectrum friendly rental

Spectrum Friendly Vacations is a service that connects families of autistic children with vacation rentals that are tailored to their needs. Our rentals are carefully selected and vetted to ensure that they meet the specific requirements of families with autistic children, including sensory-friendly amenities and a comfortable, safe environment. Whether you're looking for a beach vacation, a mountain getaway, or a city break, we will help you find the perfect rental that meets your needs and budget. With Spectrum Friendly Vacations, you can enjoy the relaxation and fun of a vacation, without worrying about the stress of finding a suitable rental.

ASD Families

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become a spectrum friendly property

Our certification process includes training for vacation rental owners on how to make their properties more spectrum-friendly, including recommended accommodations that can be made. As a certified rental, families of autistic children can trust that the property has been vetted and meets specific requirements for a comfortable and safe vacation experience.  If you own a vacation rental, and would like to learn and improve your space, Spectrum Friendly Vacations is here to help. With our certification process, you can have peace of mind in knowing that the vacation rental you provide is autism-friendly.

Vacation Rental Owners

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Why Hello!

I'M Suzanne. YOUR key to getting your VACATION rental spectrum-friendly.

Like many of you, I have family members, friends and neighbors with autistic children or children that are “on the spectrum” and I know traveling can be stressful when dealing with the unknown.  The biggest concerns when traveling with autistic children is safety!

After researching and listening to parents of autistic children, I am developing training and certification for Vacation Rental Owners to make their properties more comfortable for autistic children.   

Spectrum Friendly Vacations will connect those Vacation Rentals with families of autistic children! 

We're just getting started, but please click the button below to get added to our "interest list."

Thank you!

Suzanne Hacker

Founder of Welcoming Wow

Your Vacation Rental Business Coach

"This is great!!  I can tell you worked so hard on it!  It's going to be awesome!!  Well done and thanks for amplifying the autistic community's voice"


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