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  • Suzanne Hacker

Ensuring Safety for Autistic Children: The Urgent Need for Spectrum-Friendly Vacation Rentals

In the wake of a tragic incident that recently occurred in Port Charlotte, Florida, our hearts are heavy with sadness and compassion for the family of 4-year-old Evelyn Geer. Little Evelyn "eloped" during the night from the vacation rental her family was staying in and was tragically found too late. (Read more about the incident here). This devastating event serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for creating safer environments for autistic children, especially within vacation rental properties.

A Rollercoaster of Emotions:

Upon hearing this heart-wrenching news, we have been overwhelmed by a mix of emotions. Sadness and sorrow for the family's unimaginable loss, a deep motivation to make a difference by ensuring the availability of Spectrum-Friendly Training for as many individuals as possible, and frustration at ourselves for not launching this training sooner. We can't help but feel the need to spread the word faster and wider to potentially save lives like Evelyn's. And yes, anger arises at the fact that these incidents are preventable with just a few small changes.

The Prevalence of Eloping:

Eloping, or wandering, is unfortunately common among children on the autism spectrum. The reasons behind this behavior are complex and can vary from sensory-seeking tendencies to difficulties with communication and safety awareness. Many children on the spectrum don't experience the same fears as neurotypical children and are often drawn to bodies of water, making them particularly vulnerable.

The Importance of Spectrum-Friendly Properties:

Creating spectrum-friendly vacation rentals is a critical step in preventing such tragic incidents and ensuring the safety and well-being of autistic children. By implementing simple modifications and strategies, vacation rental owners can transform their properties into safe havens for families with autistic children.

Taking Action - Spectrum-Friendly Training:

At Spectrum Friendly Vacations, we are committed to equipping vacation rental owners with the knowledge and tools they need to create safe and comfortable environments for autistic children. Our Spectrum-Friendly Training program offers comprehensive guidance, covering a wide range of topics such as sensory considerations, safety measures, comfort ideas, and more. By joining this training, vacation rental owners can make a positive impact and help prevent tragic incidents like Evelyn's.

Our Commitment:

The recent heartbreaking incident involving Evelyn Geer serves as a call to action for the vacation rental industry to prioritize the safety and well-being of autistic children. By undergoing the Spectrum-Friendly Training and implementing changes to your vacation rental or your home, we can collectively make a difference. Let's work together to create properties that provide not only memorable experiences but also a safe and inclusive environment for all families.

Join us in spreading the word and ensuring that no family experiences such devastating losses again. Together, we can make a significant impact and build a future where spectrum-friendly vacation rentals are the norm.

Get the training - Just go to! You don't need to be a vacation rental owner to make your property safer either! If you are a grandparent or other extended family member or close friend, you may want to also go through the training to help make your home safer for all the kiddos!

P.S. You can also join the conversation with other vacation rental owners, the families who rent them and suppliers who support us all in making lives easier! Request to join our Free Facebook Community (while it’s still free) Click here.

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Jun 05, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you Suzanne for addressing this all too important issue in the vacation rental industry. Awareness and the training that goes with is a sound investment.

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