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Followers of Stacey St. John - This is for YOU!
Stand out from Your Competition! 

Get Your Vacation Rental Safe & Comfortable for families with Autistic Children in One Afternoon!

✅ Safety
X Sensory Triggers
✅ Accessibility

Discover my simple, easy system for Your Rental to Become SpectrumFriendly™ Certified!

FACT: 1 in 10 Families Looking at your Rental right now would make a buying decision in your favor if they knew it was safe and ready for their specific needs.

Join the Spectrum-Friendly Movement

Because Everyone Deserves A Vacation!

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The truth is....

Most of the information online promises you the moon, and only gives you a piece of imitation moon rock.

But there's GOOD news....

This is NOT just another online course.
You will have access to REAL people to help answer your REAL questions.
This course includes REAL interviews with REAL parents of autistic children.
We also share REAL-LIFE examples.


Discover Unique Stories

Discover the unique stories of Ninny, Ito, Cassie, Vincent and others so you can learn from them and their families about how to make your property stand out to this close-knit community.

Why is that important? The ASD community is always looking for solutions to everyday issues. Once they find a gem, they share it. This is another way getting your property SpectrumFriendly™ is good for business!

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So who am I?

And Why In The World Should You Trust ME?

I’m a former banker turned business coach, specializing in helping Vacation Rental Owners launch and grow their businesses.  And, like many of you, I have family, friends and neighbors with autistic children AND (as you will learn in the course), I have had several instances where I directly observed the difficulties of traveling with children on the spectrum.  So now I’m blending it all together to help families find safe & comfortable vacation rentals so they can travel with less stress and worry!


EVERYONE DESERVES A VACATION - The Easy Way to make your Vacation Rental SpectrumFriendly™ (in an afternoon)!

A Step-By-Step System for Vacation Rental Owners to Stand Out from the Competition. 
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You'll discover:

  • What changes are AN ABSOLUTE NECESSITY for safety
  • What our recommended products are for both SAFETY & COMFORT
  • WHY this is soooo important!

What you get:

Unlimited Access to the Spectrum Friendly™ Course. Easy access from any device (your phone, your ipad, your laptop).

(Valued at $1,500)

Spectrum Friendly™ Media Marketing Super Pack

Introducing the ultimate solution for vacation rental owners who want to go above and beyond for their guests! Our custom Canva templates for Social Media will make you a true Email & Social Media Super Star, allowing you to proudly announce that your rental is now Spectrum Friendly™.

Our eye-catching templates are fully customizable, making it easy for you to showcase the changes you've made to your property and share your commitment to providing a safe and comfortable environment for all guests. With our easy-to-use email marketing sequence, you can effortlessly reach out to future and past guests, letting them know about the upgrades you've made and how your rental is now a top choice for families with autism spectrum disorder.

Don't settle for being just another vacation rental property. Stand out from the crowd and show your dedication to inclusivity and accessibility. With our custom Canva templates and email marketing sequence, you can become a true Spectrum Friendly™ superstar and attract more bookings than ever before. So why wait? Get started today and become the vacation rental property that every family with an autistic child dreams of staying in.

(Valued at $500)

Spectrum Friendly™ Verified Product List. Avoid the hassle of hunting down what works and get it right the first time (easy for your or your property manager)

(Valued at $500)

(when you jump in before this offer expires)

Personal 1:1 Follow up Zoom Call with SpectrumFriendly™ Founder, Suzanne Hacker. Get her experience on YOUR vacation rental. Hear her advice for your next best steps to really stand out in YOUR market. *Includes YOUR implementation plan!
(Valued at $1,000)

Total value of $3,500

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Let's do this!

EVERYTHING you NEED to make your vacation rental stand out AND make your vacation rental SpectrumFriendly™

It’s time to GET STARTED!

Total value of $3,500

Discount already applied for Stacey St. John followers - September ONLY = $47


Q: Will this course be difficult to implement?

A: No, not at all! Our step-by-step system is designed to be easy to follow and implement, and can be completed in just one afternoon. Plus, you'll have access to real people to answer any questions you may have.

Q: Will this course be helpful for all types of vacation rentals?

A: Absolutely! Whether you own a small apartment or a large vacation home, this course is designed to help all vacation rental owners make their properties safer and more comfortable for families with autistic children. Plus, with our Spectrum Friendly™ Media Marketing Super Pack, you'll be able to stand out from your competition and attract more bookings than ever before.

Q: What kind of support can I expect after purchasing this course?

A: You'll have unlimited access to the Spectrum Friendly™ Course, which includes real interviews with real parents of autistic children, as well as real-life examples from willing families. Plus, when you jump in before this offer expires, you'll also receive a personal 1:1 follow-up Zoom call with Spectrum Friendly™ Founder, Suzanne Hacker, to get her experience on your vacation rental and hear her advice for your next best steps to really stand out in your market.
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